Tayla Parx feat. Joey Bada$$


Treatment by Boy Vano

Rebound - Tayla feat. Joey Bada$$
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Video opens with a closeup shot of Tayla that looks like she is riding on a horse. The setting is open fields / middle of nowhere.


As the camera pans out we reveal a guy is carrying her. She is wearing a very unique outfit( colorful, queen like, etc..). 

We cut to another scene where the guy and Tayla are sitting back to back on a rotating platform. Tayla performs.

Tayla is brought to an open field with a massive life sized chess board. The board is deteriorating and there's a bunch of other girls that all look the same placed to the side of the board as if they've already been "taken" by the player. Tayla is placed in the queen position. The girls on the side could be doing a slight choreo movement to the music.

Cut to scene where Joey is posing as bullfighter with matador and performing. A line of girls are posing with massive bullhorns as they watch him.

We could also do a seperate shot of Joey at the chess set where he's in the King's box and girls posing behind him as pieces who eventually move closer to him on the board.

Video ends with Tayla standing in line with the other girls to the side of the chess board. She's wearing the same outfit as the others and blends right in.

Art direction, styling, and Tayla's  personality will really carry this piece and give it the emotion/energy the song provokes.

I look forward to creating with Tayla and the team.

- Boy Vano

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