Treatment by Boy Vano

This video will have a super clean and chic aesthetic. Lots of white on white with subtle touches of color and shapes to add a dynamic look. There will be 4-5 different scenes all shot in a white studio with a clean Willy Wonka visual theme.

In the opening scene, 3 girls walk out and step up onto a platform. They're dressed in all white classy suits.

We then reveal Fetty also standing on a platform wearing a white tux and being measured by a tailor. All around him on the floor are white suits and ties.

Cut to Fetty in another scene(still all in clean white room) where Fetty is sitting and a jeweler is fitting a gold bracelet on his arm. He's already wearing an exaggerated amount of chains, rings, etc. The jeweler would be arabic wearing a white outfit.

Cut to dancing Choir as backup vocals (still in white room). Fetty rapping behind podium as preacher. He's wearing all white.

Cut to choreographed shot of the girls in suits putting on lipstick. They later smudge it off their face.

Sprinkled throughout the video is Fetty performing in an all white coat. This should be super playful and fun.

Later on we introduce a third look for Fetty where he is wearing some sort of shiny gold outfit in or next to an all white lambo(or a gold lambo). Here we can project some white light patterns to texture the scene.

I look forward to creating this fun piece!

- Boy Vano

REP: yellprod@aol.com