Sebastian Mikael feat. Najee

Dirty Talk

Treatment by Boy Vano

Dirty Talk - Sebastian Mikael feat. Najee
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Video opens to a retro radio station entrance/doorway. 2 nerdy looking guys walk out. They seem excited and make a comment to one another about Nasty Dawg being a legend and how its going to be an amazing night.

They walk off as the camera cuts inside the radio station and reveals Nasty Dawg the host (Sebastian) is live on air. The booth walls are covered with sexual cartoon drawings/images. He’s smoking an enormous blunt and taking callers.

Shirley (Najee) and her friend Tisha call in. We go into split screen as they act out the opening dialogue.


Shirley is holding a dildo in her hand like a stress ball and her friend Tisha is twirling anal beads in the background like a fidget spinner.

When the music starts we cut to the two nerds standing at an entrance way of a party. We reveal that the party is filled with attractive woman. The mood is pretty surreal. The two nerds perform the song as they turn up with the girls. Half way through the party the girls present the boys with a birthday cake.

We cut back to Shirley and Tisha who are now at a salon getting ready for their men. They're smoking cigarettes while getting their hair done and singing the song. Shirley is on the phone with Nasty Dawg again who we cut too and show him singing the song as well.

The last part of the song we reveal Nasty Dog leaning against an old car or maybe outside some corner store. As he starts walking the rest of the cast (shirley, tisha, vixens, nerds) all walk up to him and they jam to the song as they walk together. Shirley and Tisha try to be sexy by doing the bend and snap but look awkward like their going to throw their backs out. An ensemble joins behind them with instruments.

I look forward to creating this fun piece!

- Boy Vano